CRS Credit Summary

5-100 points
Maintaining an Inventory of Hazard Risks for All Public Property 5 points
Creating a Post-Disaster Recovery Plan 10 points
Finding and Using Additional Hazard Information Up to 15 points
Sources for Outreach Materials Up to 30 points
Creating a Community Master Plan Up to 31 points
Sharing Emergency Hazard Information Up to 38 points
Protecting Critical Access Routes Up to 50 points
Assessing Damage to Buildings Up to 50 points
Creating a Disaster Response Plan Up to 50 points
Making Hazard Information Available and Accessible Up to 72 points
Creating Risk Mitigation Strategies Up to 100 points
Keeping New Public Infrastructure Out of Hazard-Prone Areas Up to 100 points
Non-Structural Shore Protection Up to 100 points
Improving Construction and Design of Critical Facilities Up to 100 points
Siting Critical Facilities Out of Harm’s Way Up to 100 points
101-1,000 points
Interpreting FIRMs and FIS Reports 140 points
Creating a Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Up to 294 points
Creating a Multi-Objective Management Plan Up to 294 points
Conducting Inspections of Lower-Area Enclosures Up to 300 points
Using Freeboard to Elevate Structures above Predicted Floodwaters Up to 300 points
General Hazard Awareness Up to 380 points
Requiring Foundation/Building Certification Up to 500 points
Considering Potential Future Conditions When Siting New Development Up to 575 points
Passing Strict Zoning Ordinances and Regulations Up to 600 points
Keeping Roads and Utilities Out of Damage-Prone Areas Up to 725 points
Creating Permanent No-Build Areas Up to 900 points
Over 1,000 points
Ensuring Local Regulations Allow Appropriate Development Techniques Up to 1,670 points
Retrofitting Existing Structures Up to 2,800 points
Acquiring Existing Structures Up to 3,200 points
Relocating Existing Structures Up to 3,200 points